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Child Eye Care 

Martock Opticians strongly believe your childs eyesight is precious.

Good eyesight is every child's passport to the future. It's easy for parents to think there's nothing wrong with their childs sight, not realising that vision can change quickly as young eyes develop.


One in five school children has an undetected eye problem. Without early treatment, vision defects such as 'lazy' eye can become permanent disabilities. This is why annual eye examinations for children are recommended.


It doesn't matter if your child is too young to talk or read a letter chart. Our Optometrist can use a range of techniques and modern equipment to detect visual problems at any age.


The NHS provides free sight tests for all children under the age of 16 and under 19 in full time education, so there will no fee to have their eyes examined.


Many spectacles in the children's range are also supplied free of charge. 

500 Terry Francois Street,  SF, CA 94158 

Tel: 123-456-7890

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