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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

At Martock Opticians we have a great deal of experience in fitting all types of contact lenses. We spend time making sure that you have the most comfortable lenses and that they are suited to your particular needs.


Our Contact Lens Trial gives you a chance to try contact lenses out first and our Contact Lens Careplan gives continuing aftercare and discounts on cleaning solutions and spectacles.


We supply all types of monthly and daily disposable lenses, gas permeable lenses, lenses to correct astigmatism, coloured lenses and custom made lenses.


Types of Lenses

Daily disposables
Throw away contact lenses offer you a convenient option for correcting your vision without the need to clean and store. They are ideal for sports and social wear.


Extended wear
Extended wear lenses can be used for occasional overnight wear or continuous wear up to 30 days.
Extended wear contact lenses offer a solution to suit our modern, busy lifestyles.


Toric contact lenses
Toric lenses are specially manufactured to correct astigmatism.


Multi-focal contact lenses
You'll be able to see crisply and clearly at all distances. Certain lenses can be worn on a daily basis or continuously for 30 days and 29 nights. This means, regardless of your wearing schedule, you can now wear the lens throughout the night and wake up with excellent visual performance in the morning.

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